Travelling with a Toddler: Top 15 Travel Tips

Whether it is your first or fifth trip, travelling with toddlers always brings some extra arrangements before and on the go. And there are plenty of opportunities to worry, from packing to getting to your accommodation.

While the idea of ​​travelling with a toddler may seem overwhelming, one thing to keep in mind is that it will get easier after every trip. You will get there. You will survive. Going on holiday with your toddler is also worth it because it is a wonderful memory and experience for the whole family. While a vacation with the toddler is different it’s often also wildly much more fun!

1. What to pack on a trip with a toddler?

The rule of thumb is not to overpack! Remember that you also get almost everything your toddler needs from abroad. The brand may not be the same, but you will survive. Toddlers think different brands and packages can even be a fun variation!

2. Stay in a hotel or holiday home with a toddler?

Hotels have their pros (room service, meals, babysitting, etc.). At the hotel, someone else will prepare the food for you, which is, of course, something to consider when you go on holiday with a toddler. 

On the other hand, in a holiday home, you can feel at home – and prepare your own food, which can come in handy if your toddler has a special diet. The choice is personal, but it is worth thinking about. If you decide to rent a villa or villa, you can sip a soft drink among the adults in the evening when the kids are playing in the yard – not a bad option either, is it?

3. Travel with a toddler: book your accommodation wisely

If you decide to book a hotel, take your time to research the best hotel for your family. Maybe you’ve already been to a certain hotel before you had kids and liked that hotel very much. This may not be the best option with a toddler. Was your room on the top of a hill? Were there a lot of stairs on the way? A paradise-like place for two can easily turn into a nightmare when you carry a toddler and a stroller with you.

The whole family enjoys the holiday more when the hotel or other accommodation is toddler-friendly in terms of both location and services. As you travel more and gain experience, you can gradually move to more challenging accommodations.

4. Strollers, Strollers, or Carriers

This is a common problem for those travelling with toddlers, and there is no easy answer. It all depends a lot on where you are travelling and what your toddler is used to. Are the streets flat and paved, or is there steep terrain? Is the climate particularly humid or relatively cool? What is your toddler used to?

A good overall solution is lightweight strollers. They are easy to travel with and can be taken up to the gate; they can be used as a temporary bed for an afternoon nap; they are light and breathable, but can be insulated with blankets and rain cover.

If, on the other hand, a holiday trip may involve walks or hiking in uneven terrain, a carrier backpack is the most convenient. Certain backpack models are also available on the backside and from there, your toddler can happily watch the scenery, or take a nap.

5. Child safety seat on the trip?

Some swear by the name of their own car seat, but others find it melting madness to take as big a thing as a car seat on vacation for a very short time. You will need a place for a car seat for your flight, and it will take up a lot of space, but it will then be available when needed for any car trip. 

If you don’t take a car seat, it’s a good idea to think about whether the toddler can be easily transported in the car at the resort – whether you rent a car seat from a car rental company or use public transport. If you decide to take your seat with you, you may want to place it in a combination of seat and stroller so you don’t have to lug even more weight.

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6. Plan your schedule

Try to book flights at bedtime when travelling with toddlers. Evening flights can be more expensive, but if you want to travel easily, a sleeping toddler is a joy for everyone. If you have a connecting flight, leave enough time for the exchange – rushing through an unknown airport is the last thing in the world you want to take.

Try to make your trip part of your vacation whenever possible. Relax for a couple of hours, warm-up, go to the toilet, eat, chat, play and get ready for your next flight. Many airports have fun play areas where the waiting time before the next flight starts in a flash.

And don’t forget that you will probably get cheap flights 53 days before departure.

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7. Get to know your travel destination in advance

It is worth researching in advance if your travel destination has any special features that differ from the home country. For example, if you are breastfeeding, you should check online to see if it is okay to do so in a public place in your destination country. In some countries, this is completely OK, but in others, you need to look for a more private place. If you’re not sure when you’re on the spot – just ask.

8. Prepare and do your homework well

This is true both when preparing for a trip and during a trip. Does your toddler have a valid passport? Does the toddler need a visa? What vaccines do you and your toddler need? Should medications, such as malaria pills, be taken? You don’t want to miss these.

9. Practice for the trip

If your toddler is not used to flying from an early age, or if you are the type who wants to know as many things as possible in advance, a little practice is not a bad idea. This may include packing and taking a trip to the airport (or as close as possible). Both you and your toddler will benefit from this. The airports are big and lively, and this can be a little too much for your toddler. Getting used to it can make things easier on a travel day. Another good tip is to do a practice trip before the long holidays. A short trip on a small plane will help your toddler get used to flying, and you’ll find out what to keep in mind.

10. Also prepare for sudden changes in plans

Nothing usually goes exactly as planned. Flight delays missed flights, and mistakes with accommodation can create extra stress on the trip. Preparing for different things that can go wrong helps when they do.  When you go through situations before they come forward, you are mentally prepared – just in case!

11. Explain the journey to the toddler in advance

If flying and travelling are new to your toddler, go through the journey with your toddler. Explain what happens when you leave home, commute to the airport, at the airport, in an aeroplane when you land and finally get to your destination. For most toddlers, flying and travelling are fun. It’s an adventure!

12. Don’t plan everything too far

You want to keep your kids happy, but you shouldn’t plan your whole trip through it. Instead of booking dozens of different tours and visits to different destinations, make a checklist of them – or keep track of them in your phone’s apps. . The guides are also completely free and have offline maps, so you don’t have to worry about data connections.

13. Stay Calm

If your toddler chooses the worst possible moment to turn into a screaming demon from another dimension, take a deep breath and try to stay calm. Remember that many fellow travellers have probably been in the same situation with their toddlers. Often they understand the situation and may kindly try to take your toddler’s attention elsewhere to help everyone calm down.

14. Enjoy your holiday with the kids!

Book plenty of time, pack carefully and make your trip part of your holiday. Always keep in mind that everything will work out in the end and that you should enjoy the trip – travelling with the kids is awesome and you will see the world from a whole new perspective!

15. Choosing destination

One of the most important questions is where to travel. You’ll have to weigh costs, distance, activities, weather, accommodation and much more before settling on the perfect destination. To help you get inspired we have written this post listing the 10 best places to travel with a toddler.

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